Don’t hide the madness o_O

    “Follow your inner moonlight,don’t hide the madness” -Allen Ginsberg.  

Through all my years of studying people(okay Im not a professor or anything),I have come to realise that everybody is crazy o_O  Yeap,mad,insane,loco,kookoo,bananas lol


To some degree,everybody is crazy somehow. Crazy in different ways. Weird,insane,abnormal,you name it!!!! But not everybody is proud of their madness. They hide it from the world because they are ashamed of it 😦 😦 😦  or worse,afraid of what others will say about them….but Dr.Tess says that crazy is actually good for you 🙂 🙂 🙂 there’s nothing shameful about pure madness


Cha cha cha!!!!

First of all,crazy people enjoy life more. Once you’re crazy or a weirdo,you simply don’t care….you can unleash your crazy anywhere and simply be yourself…a restaurant,a queue,a bus or public transportation you name it!!!


Crazies are everywhere : D

Crazy people make the world a better place. Heck,they save lives everyday,prevent genocide and  World War lll from taking place……okay maybe I went a bit overboard there 😀 but imagine if everybody was normal and we had no weird friends who dance in the streets when then hear their favourite song….tragedy!!!


I just can't with this pic,lol

Well,not everybody can fully embrace their crazy and show the whole world. Thats why I like to think that Crazy is a gift. That weird friend who cracks everybody up. Who is just weird and comfortable its scary. But without them we’d probably die of stress from our daily lives….


Embrace your crazy,be confident with your weirdness because its unique,its different,its awesome!!!


I’m proud to be one of the crazies coz it makes me kinda mysterious. …like it keeps people guessing “when will she turn on her crazy?” Or “OMG she doesn’t look like the crazy type.” Mystery is intriguing,but thats a story for another day 😉
If you aren’t comfortable letting your crazy out,hang out with friends who are,then you’ll feel more comfortable being crazy with them 🙂


Go out there and turn on your crazy today,be weird,be yourself : ) 😉 😀
I’m crazy and I love it!!!!         
Happy day beautiful people : )


My roommate and I being crazy 🙂

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