Mums and Dads are gods :)


Parents are gods…..I mean seriously think about it (they can even create life,right?? But lets not take away the credits from  the Most High) Mums and dads are gods to us kids. We idolize them,we think highly of them,in our eyes,they can do no wrong right??? They are super powerful and they hold all the cards don’t they??? Yeap,all of us have felt that way about our mums and dads at one point in our lives,whether at tender ages,or in our teens(though some might disagree) or later in life….but we do idolize our pare


Gods are powerfull!!!! And so are parents. They got the power,whether we like it or not. Ever heard the phrase ” as long as its my house you’re living in,you’ll do what I say” ?? I know I have,one two many times!!!! They always have the upper hand and thats ju


Zeus,greek god of the sky and head of Olympus.

st how it is

Im obsessed with greek mythology,its crazy!!!!! 😀

They punish us too,like gods,and booooy are they good at it!!!!! 😦 ;( Once in a while we become naughty or just decide to bend some rules here and there just for the heck of it…..end result = trouble!!! Growing up,my mum was the typical African mum….she beat the crap out us and knocked some sense it us as well 😀 we couldn’t stay mad at her because she is mum and mum is god. In the end,we love her still and boy have we grown to be proper.


When I was a kid,I believed that my dad was the coolest guy ever!!!! Like he was superman and batman and all superheroes!!!






Okay,Im a geek,I looove superhero flicks 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Im sure this line is quite familiar “my dad is stronger than yours,my dad can beat your dad with a blindfold” sigh,childhood naivety,lol 😀 😀 😀 And when you’re scared you hold your dad’s  hand because you know he’s gonna protect you….because he is a god 🙂 🙂 🙂


Poseidon,greek god of the seas!

And when mums and dads fall sick,its unbelievable because how can they??? They are gods!!!! They can’t be sick.

And when they disappoint us….we wonder …how?? And when they actually do wrong….we question again,how??
And when they leave us unfortunately,we get angry because gods don’t leave,they stay forever 😦  😦  😦
Then we remember,they are human…they have feelings…they make mistakes….they leave us too!!!
But we still love them and idolize them and hold them highly because they are our gods 🙂 🙂 🙂

Let your mums and dads know that you love them,atleast once in a while. Remember their birthdays even if they can’t. Do something nice for them on mothers and fathers day 🙂 Make them feel like gods 😉 🙂


My gods 🙂

Here’s an old photo of my mummy and daddy 🙂

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