Pursuit of happiness :) O_o


Ever watched the movie Pursuit of happiness by Will Smith and his son??? I think I must have watched it like 20 times….and
I didn’t quite get it till I


Yeap,that's the one...

watched it the 3rd time 😀
So Will Smith and his son go through a whirlwind of hardship,in pursuit of happiness(meen I think I cried 3 times in each of the 20times I’ve watched it :D).
In the end,the guy ends up a millionaire after betting the right stocks(is that how they put it?? Somebody school me please) at Wallstreet…..what a happy ending right???? If only everybody had an ending like that…..but everybody’s happy ending depends on their view of happiness :):en


I swear aki!!! 😀

🙂 🙂 🙂
So man has been pursuing this alien called happiness since the beginning of time!!! All these years and he hasn’t


Watch out happiness,Im coming for you 🙂 🙂

it yet??
Makes it
look like
happiness is elusive 😦 😦
Does money guarantee happiness?? (Well,if you think about it,it kinda does,lol,but thats beside the point) Once you’re done with all your paper chasing,will you find happiness too???? Does it come automatically with money??
Are we chasing the wrong things to give us happiness??? Fame…..lots of friends….love,money,money and love o_O ????


Chase the right things...

Or maybe
we’re chasi
ng too hard,
looking too
hard,in the wrong places….when happiness is right under our noses????

Trying hard to copy someone else’s way of being happy yet we’re all different. For instance,I derive happiness from solitude…I just lock myself in a dark room,turn off the lights and meditate(weird I know but thats my way).

Family and friends make me happy too. You don’t have to go out pursuing happiness when you got family,or friends as tight as family. That feeling of being at home is happiness for sure 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happiness should not be pursued far and wide,its easy to find it. Its t


he little thing
s in life that
make us happy.

You don’t have to have everything in life to be happy 🙂 I think that when we’re busy pursuing happiness,we tend to miss the things that give us true hap


piness in life,the
people who make u
s truly happy….

But if you feel that you actually do need to pursue happiness in order to be happy,then chase it with all you got and let nobody get in your way 🙂 🙂
To me,the ultimate happiness is living your dream 🙂 that great feeling of satisfaction you get when you’ve made your drea


ms a reality 🙂 Thats
the happiness I’m pu
Rsuing definitely 🙂

So why don’t you go out there and pursue your happi


Me and my pal Stashia 🙂 pursuing some chill time...

ness?? You know you dese


rve it,right?? 🙂 🙂 🙂
Happy pursuing 🙂 peeps!!!

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