Where is the love????

Remember that Black Eyed Peas song – where is the love??
      “people killing,people dying
       Children hurting even crying
        …..Father Father Father help
        Us send some guidance from
        Above….coz people got me
        Questioning,where is the
         Love????” O_o
I love that song till today 🙂 🙂 🙂 (ps,where did those guys go???)
Where is the love really?? If love really was out there,then people wouldn’t be running around mugging each other,killing each other,terrorising others etc
If we all really are brothers and sisters,then why don’t we live like it???
Or why do we pretend to love each other then we turn our backs against each other at the darkest moments ???
Kenya as a country has experienced its fair share of being tested if this love really does exist.December 27th,2007,Post Election Violence 😦 Certainly one of the darkest times we have go through 😦
We managed to prove that we love each other and we also proved that there is no love. Neighbours slaughtered each other because of ethnic indifference 😦 And neighbours also helped each other and overlooked ethnic indifference 🙂
Almost 8years later,we are still recovering from that fateful event. Scars still healing….houses being rebuilt….people being remembered,we are still recovering….
Today I’m a dismayed girl,in a happy place though  🙂 I’m at home….for the holidays yaaaay  🙂 but not because the semester ended,nope,its because of an entirely different sad reason – Tribal Clashes o_O
Yes,you heard right 😦 Tribal/ethnic indifference between two dominant tribes at my school!!!! The two simply could not agree and resulted to fighting,like serious fighting I’m talking stones,bows and arrows,machetes,clubs…..it was terribly terrifying 😦 😦 😦 😦
But the worst thing about it was that we turned against each other in the name of defending “our people” I say we because it was us students. Classmates turned against each other,roommates,comrades 😦 we forgot that we see each other daily in class,at the mess,at the hostels,in the same groups and clubs and enmity took over us!!!!!
Many were injured,many ran for safety…..unfortunately,one student succumbed to his injuries 😦 😦  is that what these hooligans in the disguise of University students wanted???? To take a life????? And then what???? What did that prove,NOTHING,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING 😦 only that we are more primitive than our stoneage ancestors 😦 they are murderers 😦 Instead of embracing each other’s cultures and unique differences,we fought them for being different,for being from a different tribe…….and to think this story started on a petty note – disagreement during a football match,NKT!!!!!
Clearly we learnt nothing from the tragedies of The Post Election Violence 😦  Learned University students,who should be the mirror to society,who should be in the front line to erradicating tribalism in Kenya…..we failed ourselves,our country,our posterity,we failed God 😦
He loves everyone no matter what,who are to hate????
      “…..you don’t have to hate because my Jesus loves all.”
       Demi Lovato- I really don’t
         Care 🙂
So where is the love???? Its in our hearts…..its human instinct to love and help each other (I hope it is coz if it ain’t,humanity is doomed o_O )
Do it for our kids in future
      “Heal the world,make it a
        Better place,for you,me and
         The entire human race….”
          Michael Jackson-Heal the
              World 🙂
Do it for the love of God 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Spread the love y’all
Lets love each other,especially during this festive season 🙂
I love y’all 🙂



Love each other's unique differences 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Where is the love????

  1. cheryl says:

    ooooh so sad where is our country heading to…I thought we were the next leaders who could show the right path to peace bt I gess am wrong


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