Real lasts longer.

You know how the world is nowadays….there is a counterfeit for everything and I mean EVERYTHING 😀 😀 😀  You buy a nice bag,designer,Gucci….only to get home and realise its actually GUCI,with one ‘c’ ,funny but really sad 😦 😦 😦
And the worst part is that the fake won’t last as long as the real because lets face it,Real lasts longer 🙂 🙂 🙂  Nothing beats the realest 🙂
Its quite unfortunate that people can be counterfeit as well 😦 Fake people!!! You think they’re your friends but they know otherwise. They pretend to be your friends but they aren’t 😦

    Pills and Potions by Nikki Minaj
      This song comes to mind when
        I think of fake people #####

I don’t know where fake people came from sincerely :/ because they are everywhere. I’m talking relatives,schoolmates,work collegues,strangers in the streets,friends….etc
I absolutely loathe fake people and I usually don’t have such strong negative feelings towards people :/ Its just not right pretending to have someone’s best interests at heart yet all you want is to harm them in some type of way 😦 Normal people shouldn’t be like that,therefore fake people ain’t normal 😀 😀 😀 (you hear that,y’all need help fake people,lol)
I know its hard to spot fake people among the people you relate with on a daily basis. Its even harder thinking or trying to imagine who among your friends ain’t real because lets face it,we love our friends,right??
So just be careful and watch out for yourself. Also look out for other people,that they don’t end up being hurt by fake people. And if you are fake,come on,you need to change or else you won’t end up with any friends in life…..I’m serious :/ 
As for the fake Gucci bag,you can return it to the store(if you are lucky,especially in Nairobi,lol) You can choose to walk away from fake people or give them a second shot at redemption 🙂 it all depends on you 🙂
Work on being the realest you can be 🙂 Work on finding the realest friends who will always have your back no matter what 🙂 Work on building the realest friendships 🙂  because Real lasts longer 🙂


Those hooligans behind me are among the realest 🙂


Real 🙂


Just but a few of my realest 🙂

Yes,my cat is my realest 😀 😀


And of course,I'm the realest to myself #Real Tess 🙂

Have a nice day beautiful people 🙂 🙂

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