My dad has had it up to his head with the youth and technology. Tumemfika kwa kichwa. It’s because we’re always on our phones,all.the.bloody.time,so he says! He’ll be chatting with my mum then he’ll glance at me and comment in mother tongue(thinking I won’t understand,lol) “does she ever put that phone down?” Or “today on my way home a kid almost got run over,he was on his phone” . Then I’ll look up from my phone and wonder if he thought of me when he saw that kid,yikes dad o_O

He probably thinks I don’t have a life away from my phone. I actually do. We all do. We have  real friends,who have lives away from their phones too. They also have parents who worry about them everyday. They worry they’ll get hit by cars while replying to texts too,dad.

But like almost all Kenyan parents,he just won’t hear it! Haha he knows everything,my dad. He knows I have two friends only,only two friends! Wawili tu,hahaha. He knows I’m short sighted because I’m always staring at my phone(okay this is sort of true) and he also knows my reason for being anti-social is my phone.

“I’m not anti-social dad”

“Yes you are”

“Okay,but it’s not because of my phone”

“Why is it then?”

“Well….just because”

“Okay” Then he’ll walk off to bed with that dads-know- everything smile πŸ™‚

I bet he’ll have another conversation about it with my mum later. My mum will tell him to stop worrying about me,that I’ll be fine,I’m not addicted to phone. That he should really go to bed and stop bugging her πŸ™‚ yaaay mum πŸ™‚ Then she’ll yell at me to turn off my phone and go to sleep. Hebu lala wewe,you’re phone is making noise! So I’ll put it on silent. 

But my dad will continue lying awake,thinking of how his daughter is missing out on life because of her phone.

“Ama we take that phone away from her? It’s a privilege that can easily be taken away. Unaonaje?”



False snoring.

So he’ll roll over and fall asleep πŸ™‚ #mumrules.

The struggle



Then at 5:30am my alarm goes off. This is where shida comes in. This is where technology went wrong. Why did they create a snooze button and a dismiss button? My alarm tone is Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. I will snooze it till 6:30am. I will not feel an ounce of guilt. With my face buried in the pillow,I will reach over to the nightstand and press snooze. Yes,I can do it blindfolded. That’s where technology has led me. So I just groan sleepily and say “oh shut up Beatles,I’m snoozing.” And   I here my dad shouting “you see? Technology has made them lazy! During my time,tuliamshwa na jogoo! I hope John Lennon haunts you in your sleep.

That one always wakes me up. O_o

###John Lennon was a member of The Beatles. They were the greatest rock boy band of all time.He was murdered in 1980.###

Have a great day beautiful people

Stay awesome


Tess πŸ™‚


I was on a journey,a great adventure. I’m back with lots to tell πŸ™‚



I’m excited! I have been itching to post something for months but technical circumstances wouldn’t let me 😦

I’m back though,I beat those technical odds,my head is busting with content and new ideas to share:) I can’t wait!

Gosh,I hope y’all are alright πŸ™‚

Since my last post,lots has happened. I even turned a year older,lol πŸ™‚ 

I hope life’s been good to you and God’s grace has been sufficient to you all πŸ™‚

Have a nice weekend beautiful people πŸ™‚