This is a guest post from TheQueerPoet.


I’m just a boy,really am I.

Can’t you see?

How can you not? 

I cut my hair real short. I wear briefs. 

I wear those baggy jeans. And that awful thing they do- sagging almost to the knees.

Okay,maybe not that low.

But enough for my briefs to show.

Why is that so? Why do boys do that? Its just their thing I guess.

I’ve blown my cover by now.

Or I never had one from the start.

Am I just a delusional girl?

Thinking I can pass for a boy?

With my big boobs and girly coy?

With my ample bum,my soprano voice? 

Why did I even try?

I wanted to be heard. Oh yeah,that’s right!

To be someone’s son. To have a place at the table of men. To have a voice that’s respected by men. To not feel left out. To stop living a lie about this thing called gender equality. 

Who’s this gender equality? Oh,she’s a second cousin,once removed. Simply put,she’s not family!

Equality. Away with the double standards! Am I asking for too much?

Okay,maybe I wanted a lot more too.

But since I’m not a boy,I’ll need a platform. A microphone. Some speakers. I’m start enough,they’ll listen to a smart girl.

It takes a lot to be a boy,I just dont have all that.

I might be a tomboy,but it don’t make me a boy.

I’ll stick to being a girl,I have the necessary apparatus anyway 🙂

Thequeerpoet is a budding poet from Nairobi. She’s a self-confessed feminist,who loves boys and chips mwitu. She reads and writes when she’s not eating chips mwitu or chatting up cute studs,lol!


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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this post Tess!!! My oh my, The Queer Poet, hands down, you have 100% of my respect and support! Ala, thank you for speaking on behalf of this looked-upon crew of tomboys. To be a tomboy does not rid my existence as a girl, but rather it expresses my different taste in the style of life. Let the world learn that. From A to Z, every word has captured mah heart. Long live Tess Chronicles!

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