If I had a portal that goes back in time,I’d go back to the year 2012 (and even further back coz there’s so much I’d like to do 🙂 ) That was the year I was in form 2 at Moi Girls’ school Nairobi,16 years old,with a head full of dreams and no idea what to do with my future.
                                        Shiraku Tess.

                                        Form 2 R.



Dear 16 year old self,

Gosh! How’s it going? I know you won’t believe it but it’s me! I mean it’s you,yaani it’s us – I’M YOU 🙂 Yeap,it’s you from the future. I know you’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now,what with all those Sci-fi movies you like watching(hahaha,geek).

Now before you get all excited,the future isn’t as hyped as it is in the movies. No electric trains yet,but they just started building this thing called The Standard Gauge Railway and it’s a big deal so there’s still hope. Bado matatu tauts rule Nairobi. Oh and Uhunye is president,Raila won’t win in 2013! (talk about spoilers,hehe).

Form two,huh? Damn,how is double chemistry treating you? I know you’re  feeling like strangling the teacher and asking yourself “Sasa periodic table itanisaidia aje in future?” Truth is,it really won’t unless you want to be a pharmacist(which you won’t be,lol) or you want to be a false evangelist(there’s this pastor called Kanyari you’ll hear about!). But you really need to study it coz you want to get an A of 82 points in form 4(which you won’t get but you’ll get over it 🙂 tihihi ) Don’t blame Mr.Temu when you fail chem,you are the problem hehe.

Adolescence has just hit you for the second time. That explains your boobs and bum growing overnight. And your rebel streak! Can’t wait to grow up,huh? Get an ID? Go to Uni? Move out coz dad is stressing you like you can’t believe? Well you better rethink that coz adulthood is no walk in the park. It’s more like a long walk in a big jungle like the Amazon,it’s dark and scary where every living thing is carnivorous!!!! Did I paint that picture right? It’s a cruel place out there. Enjoy being a kid coz in about 4 years,you’ll be paying rent and bills za stima na maji 😦 (Not with your own money yet,ya mum na dad,but it’s still stress.) Alafu,continue ignoring those suitors……you’ll get better ones in future 😉

Everyone knows what they want to be in future except you? Wambui knows. Dee knows. Ni wewe tu? Well according to the rules of time travel,I’m not supposed to change anything so I’ll give you a hint :It’s what you do best 🙂 Keep dreaming love. And just be yourself (you’re a weirdo and everything but you’re great 🙂 .

Make lots of friends by the way,whaaat! You’re going to meet these two lovely girls from high school in University. You’ll be roommates in 2nd year. You’ll have a swell time I promise you 🙂 Next time I’ll tell you all about.

One more thing! There’ll come a time you’ll be insecure about so much stuff. Your body. Your talents.  Your worth. There’s so much I’d like to tell you to assure you of how great you are,how beautiful,intelligent and capable you are but I’ll need a whole other letter for that! Plus,it’s better if you experience stuff yourself,it’ll be better that way. In the mean time,just know that you are amazing,strong and loved 🙂

Ps,you won’t be getting a phone till you’re 18! Yeap,life’s like that 🙂




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