Damn it is a beautiful day 🙂

The sun is shining. Birds are chirping. Some not so cool gospel music is playing from my neighbour’s house but it’s cool. I’m not freting. I will sit here peacefully and medidate on how great life is. I will resist the urge of going over there and telling him to turn it down a little bit or offer him my prefered playlist instead because I don’t want to ruin his Sunday. 
And it would go terribly wrong because I swear my neighbours have got no chills and I have lowsy comebacks. It would probably go like this:

Me:Sasa neighbour? Si you punguza your music kiasi tu? I’m trying to medidate.

Him: You know I was trying to meditate yesterday but you had friends over? You made quite the rucus so don’t think I’ll reduce my volume for your happiness! If you can’t handle it funga maskio! 

Me: Aki sorry. Won’t happen tena. *Walks away feeling embarrased and knowing it will most definitely happen again- several times*

But I’ll endure the not so cool music and sit here in awe of life’s beauty. I will not ruin someone’s beautiful day.

Isin’t life grand? 

Don’t let little things rain on your happy parade. Life is too beautiful for that type of shit! Yes,I said it! It is too damn beautiful 🙂

Have you had fun this weekend? I know I did. It was nice to have fun after a long time. Made me realise how much I was letting life pass me by. And it’s only one life. It’s not like we are getting any younger either 🙂 

Anyway,nilikuwa napitia tu! Wanted to say hi! 🙂 My wordpress is misbehaving for some reason and school is taking up my time a looot. I’ll fix it soon. Otherwise,I hope you guys are feeling life the way I am. Swimming is God’s grace. Feeling love and feeling loved. Living for the moment 🙂

Ps,who knows how to deal with WordPress properly? I need to install widgets but it isn’t happening 😦 Even pics are not uploading. I need to rebrand my blog. If you know a way to help me that is not complicated email me please @

As for me?

 I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up my friend 🙂 -Augustus Waters,The Fault in our Stars.

Beautiful day beautiful people.           xoxoxo