This week has been an eye opener for me. I realized that I’m a grown up now. This adulting reality is finally dawning. I had applied for this internship and got called in for an interview. It’s reached a point where I’m now job searching. Does it get anymore adult than that?

Anyways ,in this day and age, you cannot not be on social media. Especially us, the Y generation also known as The millennial generation. 

*Millennials – the generation of people born between 1983 to 1997.

We are said to be many things; selfish, entitled, other negative traits attributed to the fact that we were born in the age of technology. In other words, we do not know a life before technology.

Now I’ll admit that technology has ruined us in a way,as explained in my post –  #JohnLennon .It gets as bad as being addicted to technology, especially social media. This, unfortunately, is a turn off to many potential employers. No employer wants to hire someone who keeps checking their social media every other second (unless they’ve hired you to do exactly that.)

During my interview, they asked me a simple question : are you active on social media?

Of course I am. No question about it. I’m just not as active as I should be, with a following that I ought to have. You see, I am a terribly passive person at times. Hence my social media game is in shambles. So you can only imagine what I felt when they asked me for my  social media handles. I thought to myself : Selina, that’s the end of the road for you. 

I let my weakness and my comfort zone get in the way of a potential job opportunity. 

Social media is a big deal in finding employment these days. Having an online presence that is so amazing it screams Best Job Candidate, will land you a job. That is the first impression you want your potential employer to get when they Google you.

  • Get on LinkedIn and create a profile. Never heard of it? Stop playing yourself!
  • Keep your Facebook professional. That doesn’t mean you go all serious,just make it public friendly if you know what I mean. Remember,the internent never forgets.
  • Get tweeting. Twitter is a good place to keep up with the trends.
  • Post meaningful things on Instagram that showcase your personality.

Don’t just be on social media, be good at it. Ace it! Be aggressive about it. Get serious with it. Trust me, no matter what career you’re in or pursuing, make sure your social media game is above average. Social media is,has and will continue  revolutionizing the job industry so you’ll never know what an employer is looking for in you.

I came out of that interview with a new resolve; to revamp my social media. So far? I’m hopeful that I can make it happen. I hope you can make it happen for you too.

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