It’s 6am. My alarm just went off. It says “Get up and run.” I’m supposed to go running at this large football field in our neighborhood. At 6am I’ll find close to twenty people exercising and doing their own thing. Too bad I won’t be joining them.

I will be battling my demons. My sleep demons. These bastards are not letting me win these days. You see, I made this resolution to go running in the morning. At 6am. My mind was set but my body was not. So it’s been a constant struggle for about a week now.

The worst thing about it is, the sleep demon is me. I am these demons. I am the one who gets in the way of my Running (BTW,I love running #hobbytings ❤). I am the one who presses that snooze button till  7.30am and I can’t go running at 7.30am because by then the sun is up and people can recognize me when the sun is up (I don’t like people recognizing me when I’m running coz    a. I run funny on my awkward days.   b. I run sexy on my fierce days and that is distracting and attracts attention. Last thing I want is people forgetting to exercise and getting notes at my door from secret admirers.) Hihihi.

So what am I getting at?

I’m saying you are your greatest obstacle towards getting what you want.

Lately I’m learning all sorts of life lessons. Everything I want to do or achieve is near my grasp all I have to do is make a move for it. 

  • My writing journey.
  • My fitness goal.
  • My future, etc

Life is shifty. Nothing is ever guaranteed. You might make a move a fail. Miserably. But to me, that’s the beauty of it. “You’ll never now till you try” – this line gets me going. Unless I make that move towards what I want, I’ll never know whether I could have gotten it. I couldn’t be able to live with myself without knowing.

Just start. Start with fear, start with doubt, start with low self-esteem, start with trembling fingers, start with sweaty palms, start with butterflies in your tummy, start with one, start with nothing, start at last place, it doesn’t matter as long as you start. You know the end result is worth starting for.

People may discourage you from getting to that end result but you hold the final cards. If you too become a nay sayer like them, you lose. If you push that snooze button like me, you become a nay sayer and you lose. If you are too afraid to start, you’ll lose. Don’t let yourself come between you and your goals.

Tomorrow I’ll try again. I don’t know if my sleep demons are stronger but I will try and I’ll win before February ends. ✌


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