False tourist, sweet stranger.

I’m lost. 

Lost in a familiar place. It’s familiar because I’ve been here before,another time, another lifetime you could say.

I’m a false tourist without a guide and you are a sweet stranger. 

When I was here last time, I found a stranger just like you. And when I left this place, he was still a stranger to me. It was as if we never progressed in our adventures of this beautiful place.

And yet here I am again. And here you are.

Your smile is inviting. Your humour is lovely. Your laughter is contagious. 

I’m drawn to you like steel to a magnet. You call me to go adventure this place with you. To discover beautiful places with you.

I want to but I’m not quite sure. In the event that I leave this place again, I don’t want us to end up as strangers.

Could we? Will we? I am conflicted. My intuition tells me that we won’t be strangers at all. My intuition is always right so it’s what I will follow.


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