The Chase.

Life is a roller coaster ride. Up, down, sideways, upside down. The screams of joy. The dizziness. The nausea. All the excitement that comes with it and you still want to do it again or not.

We are constantly chasing. Chasing dreams. Chasing paper. Chasing people. Chasing happiness. Chasing fulfillment. That is all part of life. The ride. The journey. 

It is hard and long and fun and memorable. You will feel like the chase has become unbearable or ellusive. You will feel as if you are not quite getting there. The huddles you have to jump are too high. You do not want another ride on that roller coaster. You will bend and break and crash and burn and you will feel like maybe the chase is not worth all that.

But after you have finished sulking, after you fix yourself up, dust yourself, after you have taken heed the advice and the constructive criticisms, get back to the chase with a new spirit. A new resolve. There is no room for quiting in this chase. We were not born to be quitters.

As long as you are still alive and blessed with strength and the sun rises in the morning, you can get back to the chase. You can try again.✌ 

Nice day. God bless.

Side note: as from next week, a posting schedule I have been formulating will come up. More details on the next post ☺


With Victor.

I was feeling restless on Sunday night so I stepped out for some air. It was one of those chilly Eldoret nights with no clouds and plenty stars to stare at. I love these nights. They bring out the weirdo in me, like a full moon does a werewolf. So I took my weird self for a walk outside.

Victor saw me as I was leaving the compound and he followed me outside. We stood right outside the gate, along the murram road. Trees were rustling in the wind. It was slightly dark outside and all I could see were vague silhouettes of people passing by. Even on a Sunday night people are rushing up and down.

Victor and I just stood there staring at these busy humans. I was wearing this long pale green jacket I usually sleep in. I could only imagine how I looked in the dark. Awkward, suspicious maybe. This elderly woman with a flashlight passed me and slowed down to look at Victor and I. She was so close I could smell her. She smelled like chapatis. Seriously. She is probably one of those people who cook chapatis on Sundays. I know these people exist because my mum was not one of them. She would make us eat ugali and murenda on Sunday as my neighbors cooked chapos. Anyways, she shone her flashlight at me, then Victor, then walked away mumbling incoherent things. I giggled and looked at Victor. He looked at me and seemed to shrug. We probably had the same thought about that lady. 

I was wearing my glasses so the night looked as clear as day. Victor saw it before I did so he signaled me. “A bird? No, birds aren’t nocturnal.” It was a bat! Blind, winged, fanged mammal, known to be a carrier of rabies. It was flying my way. I couldn’t move. Not out of fright, just out of laziness. I didn’t want to move and disrupt the sense of oneness with the earth I had cultivated but eventually I ducked right at the last minute. Victor gave me a look that said,”SMH.”

More people pass and stare. All sorts of silhouettes of people. I swear I saw a man smoking a pipe pass by. Then this man who was going down the murram road stopped in his tracks and stared at us for close to 5minutes. We practically eyeballed each other. Then he started walking towards us. I couldn’t move again. This time out of fright and realization. I should have known a night like that brought out weirdos far worse than me. Crazies, psychos,…..serial killers  o_O  And my companion is a passive aggressive K9.

“The two of you paint quite a picture. The dark background, the stary sky. You could fill a canvas,” he said as he walked towards us.

Victor was on edge. He stood up and got ready for whatever was to happen next. 

“Um, thank you. I didn’t realize,” I said, trying to conceal my fright.

“What’s his name?”


“It suits him,” he said and walked away. I think even Victor breathed a sigh of relief. 

I thought it was high time I went back inside. Victor looked like he wasn’t ready to go. As I walked back inside, I looked back at Victor. He was staring up the road at something. He set off at a trot and all I saw was his chopped tail, like a bunny’s, disappear into the darkness.

I shut the gate and walked towards the house, thinking of the strange man and what he said about Victor and I. He is probably an artist. 

We did make quite the picture , a girl and a dog standing in the darkness.

Ps: Happy birthday to Muthoni Maina♥ Lol( yaani Lots of love) brother,ha♥

You Snooze You Lose.

She’s been sitting in the corner of the room since she came in with her friend. She is still clutching the same glass of wine, unsipped. Those heels look like they hurt like a mother. She looks ravishing still. Her dress is decent. Her hair is pulled up, showing her face. She is quite something. Just as I saw her the first time when I bumped into her at the local supermarket. I doubt she remembers me though. Her friend is over at the mini bar chatting up another fella.

“Dude, just go over there and say hi,” Kevo nudges me.

 “Yeah ,you’re going to give people the wrong idea staring at her like a serial killer,” Andy laughs at me.
My friends are right. I should just go over and say hello. She looks like she could use some company. I start making my way through the crowd to her. My heart is beating like a jack rabbit. “Get a grip Sy!” I counsel myself. “She’s just a girl. You’ve done this plenty of times, you can-”

Someone beats me to her before I even get there. I can’t move. I’m transfixed. He just said something that made her laugh. I wanted to make her laugh like that, to hear that beautiful sound. Kevo and Andy come to my rescue before I make a fool of myself. They lead me away to our booth. “Iza baba!”

“You snooze you lose buddy,” Kevo says.

“Lakini what’s with you today, Sy? Kwani you’ve lost your juice? You completely froze hahaha! This chic has done a number on you,” Andy says.

“She’s just different,” is all I can manage to say. I glance over at her again. He is telling her something that’s got her smiling. She is absolutely beeming. It’s blinding me. I suddenly feel like leaving. I take my last swig of whiskey and stand up. Kevo and Andy look up at me bewildered.

“Guys me I’m leaving. I have to get up early tomorrow.” Of course they don’t believe me. I leave anyway. My mind is foggy and I realize I am tipsy. Can I drive? I reach the parking lot and try to remember where I parked. 

As I fumble for my car keys in my pocket, my phone rings. Kevo. Probably calling me back inside because I’m missing all the fun. I hit cancel. I’m so out of it, I hear her only when she is behind me.

“Let me guess, you forgot where you parked?”

Her voice alone sets my heart racing again. “Haha, yeah. And I don’t think I can drive either,” I try to act smooth and pray she can’t hear the nervous undertone in my voice.

“It happens, trust me. I’m also a bit tipsy to drive and my friend is not leaving anytime soon.” She pulls out her phone.

I get a text from Andy :  Simon, heads up! She’s coming your way. 

So that’s why Kevo was calling me.

I recover very fast. “I was just about to call an uber. Which way are you going? We could split it maybe?” (Please say Hurlingum, please say yes, aki Jesus let her say yes.)

“Hurlingum. Sure, if you’re going that way?” 

“I am.”

Thank you Jesus!

“I’m Sy by the way, Simon.”

“I’m Idi. Mwanaidi. We’ve met before you know. At the local supermarket?”

“Haha, I honestly didn’t think you’d remember.” 

We walk towards the exits chatting. I would like to ask her about the gentleman she was talking to but I won’t. I’m just so stunned she remembers me. I guess I didn’t lose from snoozing after all.

Random Monday Musings.

Monday. The weekend hangover. A new beginning. Another long tough week. Routine or maybe not. Depends on the person in question.

I have never been a ‘monday hater’. I take it in stride and deal.  It’s not Monday’s fault he was made Monday ,you know? It’s like being born a boy or a girl. Monday does the same, he takes it in stride and deals.

I think by now you’ve realized that this post is going nowhere. It’s absolutely random, I’m literally cooking mandazis with my mum as I write. The weekend has been rough, it came with The Common Cold and other works of biology so, my muse for blogging went on leave.

To the actual point.

My alterior motives for this post. You see that place down there after you’ve finished reading? That place after the comments (I think), where there is a box that says  subscribe?  Through email or follow? Won’t you be a darling today and press that button? ☺☺☺

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Well that’s all for today. Take it easy on Monday ,won’t you? It’s not his fault☺



I was born a lucky girl. I was born in an age full of  empowered women. I was born empowered.

I grew up beating boys in school and sometimes physically. In a highly patriachal society, that’s very empowering for a girl.

Especialy beating the odds and the stereotypes that girls from the hood never get to high school or college. They just get knocked up , get married or worse. 

I not only made it to highschool but a great one as a matter of fact.  And now in college. Beating boys, beating the odds, not conforming to stereotypes and breaking the system and shocking society. 

I was empowered through education and taught from a young age that I can do anything I put my mind to. My parents playing the biggest role here, telling me not to be intimidated by boys and a wide sea of empowered women out there to look up to. Brave women who are unafraid to claim their large portion of pie from a highly male populated high table. These are the women paving the way for the younger generation. Creating more space on that high table for more of us to come claim our portion of that delicious pie.

We have come a long way in the search for equality and rights that support us. We celebrate the women and men who helped us  get here and those making incredible milestones in the world. These brave, strong, smart, fearless, bold, beautiful, sexy, classy, kind, sweet and thoughtful women are who we celebrate today and every 8th of March.

We know these women ; our mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers, girlfriends, wives, collegues, leaders, neighbors, us. These women will help change the world and make it a better place one day.

Celebrate a woman today❤

Happy International Women’s Day ladies and gents 😉


This is my very first taking stock post ☺. Sometimes it’s just good to stop and take a look at what you’ve done , what you are doing and what you are yet to do. Reflect ✌
Feeling proud of myself for being consistent lately with my posts. It’s been a struggle since I began blogging and I think I’m starting to get there.

Loving myself. It’s high time I became selfish and thought of me first.

 Trying out new things. I worshipped on Saturday instead of Sunday this weekend. Great. Experience! Then I still went to church on Sunday… Let’s jusr say I’m exhausted.

Eating mboga za kienyeji on the daily. I swear my mother is on a mission of some sort.

Drinking little water. I need help here.

Waiting for this lecturer’s and doctor’s strike to end like yesterday woi!

Watching Gotham like a maniac thanks to someone laughing at me constantly for not having watched it yet. Sijataja mtu mimi.

Reading  The Stand by Stephen King. This book, the complete and uncut version, is 1135 pages long. My terrible reading habit, of reading multiple books at once, will probably see me finish it in June. I like the challenge though.

Writing a fictional short story based on a character who is surprisingly like me. Is that narcissistic? I have typed 108 words so far.

Playing Real Slow by Aloe Blacc on repeat currently. 

Thinking of downloading his entire 2016 album.

Downloading his entire 2016 album.

Making mats. Since acquiring this skill courtesy of Muthoni Maina, I can’t seem to stop. (BTW, if you would like to purchase a classy hand woven mat/rug at a nice cost, email me to connect you to Muthoni ☺)

Getting  up early today and the whole week to go run and finally slay my sleep demons.

Learning patience and many more things through tutoring my little sister. She is in class 8 and making me feel old.

Hoping for rain all week in Eldoret, during the nights only.

Wishing I could communicate with animals like Doctor Doolittle.

Thanking God for His abundant grace and love❤ Ametutoa mbali Sana.

Praying for the future.

Obsessing over the blog by Dora Okeyo, low key❤ 

Stalking a new acquaintance till I know what they’re all about and work up the nerve to act upon it.

Marveling at how small the world is and in complete awe at the number of people who actually read my blog! You guys are amazing. You’re support and love is deeply appreciated.

Looking to attract my tribe through my vibe.

Have a nice Monday guys.

Stay blessed.

Go conquer this month✌


When they bring me to court and put me in front of a judge, with a jury full of ‘saints’, when they prosecute me for murder, I will plead guilty.

I will say I did it. 

My lawyer will pass out. He has never lost a case and I wouldn’t want to put him through the agony of listening to the prosecutor give true evidence against me. I know he will have promised you that he will get me out of this jam but I cannot do that to him.

When they ask you to testify, which they will, just do it. Tell them everything. Tell the whole truth and nothing but. I want you to testify against me because only then will they understand why I did it. 

Before you get defensive and say you won’t do it, remember I told you. I told you why. Ages ago. You just brushed it off. We were spending Easter at The Hilton. Everyone was there. We were having a blast until Billy showed up drunk. He insulted me. I was used to it so I let it pass but then he insulted you and I saw the hurt in your eyes and I couldn’t take it. I lunged at him, squeezed his throat. Lesley and Judy stopped me.

Do you remember what I told you later? I said, “It felt pretty darn good. If provoked I would do it again.” You took me to therapy and we forgot about it.

When they ask you what eventually made me snap? Just tell them. Billy made me snap. The therapist said I had a killer instinct. That’s not an instinct that is always right but the one that tells me to kill. I am sick you see. I need to be put away so as to not contaminate other people.

I will plead guilty because I don’t want you to suffer seeing me in trial. I know you will blame yourself.”Why didn’t I see it sooner? I could have stopped you from becoming what you are!” No. You couldn’t. It isn’t your fault. Some people will secretly blame you for the same thing. I will secretly want to kill them too. That’s why I can’t put you through that.

When they put me on death row, I need you to do me a favor. Tell them to search the backyard. All the bodies are there. What do they have in common? They hurt you.

But the backyard is filled with roses you say? Yes. All that time I spent gardening and planting roses for you, I was actually burying all the pain in your life.

P.S I love you ❤