….And why not have fun in the process of it all? Life is short so enjoy every moment of it ☺ Make awesome memories, with awesome people! Have major fun. Live life to the fullest everyday. Be fearless. Fear is just an illusion conjured up by our subconscious to slow us down from reaching our dreams or deter us from trying to achieve them completely. Just live life, love fiercely, laugh endlessly ✌….

This is an excerpt from my journal (yes I have a journal) dated September 7th, 2016.

Sometimes I read through what I wrote ages ago in my journals. I laugh at myself. I can be naïve at times. I marvel at what I write. Damn I can be quite something. I get disappointed in myself. Some things I never do or I try to do and quit halfway.

Everyday I realize just how short life is and how fleeting youth is and how time flies. Soon I’ll be 21. Just the other day I was 16! It’s like I blinked once and had an ID. Twice and I was of drinking age. Next time I’ll have kids, woi!  o_O

I have a long list of fears. My greatest fears aren’t physical, just psychological. At the moment, as I write this post, my greatest fear is going through life without making any meaningful connections. Connections with people, connections of the soul. Those are the things I live for. Meeting people I connect with deeply, my tribe.

In my search of this tribe, I get lost and lose sight of other things. I forget to live life, have fun and make memories. It consumes me sometimes. 

But I always get found and get back to living in the moment. That’s my favorite part about this journey called life; getting lost, finding yourself and getting found.


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  1. patrick says:

    Haha too bad.. Am 20..😂😂N forever will …i dont know if all the youth share the same view. Bt like you am also worried and always keen

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