This is my very first taking stock post ☺. Sometimes it’s just good to stop and take a look at what you’ve done , what you are doing and what you are yet to do. Reflect ✌
Feeling proud of myself for being consistent lately with my posts. It’s been a struggle since I began blogging and I think I’m starting to get there.

Loving myself. It’s high time I became selfish and thought of me first.

 Trying out new things. I worshipped on Saturday instead of Sunday this weekend. Great. Experience! Then I still went to church on Sunday… Let’s jusr say I’m exhausted.

Eating mboga za kienyeji on the daily. I swear my mother is on a mission of some sort.

Drinking little water. I need help here.

Waiting for this lecturer’s and doctor’s strike to end like yesterday woi!

Watching Gotham like a maniac thanks to someone laughing at me constantly for not having watched it yet. Sijataja mtu mimi.

Reading  The Stand by Stephen King. This book, the complete and uncut version, is 1135 pages long. My terrible reading habit, of reading multiple books at once, will probably see me finish it in June. I like the challenge though.

Writing a fictional short story based on a character who is surprisingly like me. Is that narcissistic? I have typed 108 words so far.

Playing Real Slow by Aloe Blacc on repeat currently. 

Thinking of downloading his entire 2016 album.

Downloading his entire 2016 album.

Making mats. Since acquiring this skill courtesy of Muthoni Maina, I can’t seem to stop. (BTW, if you would like to purchase a classy hand woven mat/rug at a nice cost, email me to connect you to Muthoni ☺)

Getting  up early today and the whole week to go run and finally slay my sleep demons.

Learning patience and many more things through tutoring my little sister. She is in class 8 and making me feel old.

Hoping for rain all week in Eldoret, during the nights only.

Wishing I could communicate with animals like Doctor Doolittle.

Thanking God for His abundant grace and love❤ Ametutoa mbali Sana.

Praying for the future.

Obsessing over the blog nilichoandika.co.ke by Dora Okeyo, low key❤ 

Stalking a new acquaintance till I know what they’re all about and work up the nerve to act upon it.

Marveling at how small the world is and in complete awe at the number of people who actually read my blog! You guys are amazing. You’re support and love is deeply appreciated.

Looking to attract my tribe through my vibe.

Have a nice Monday guys.

Stay blessed.

Go conquer this month✌


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