Random Monday Musings.

Monday. The weekend hangover. A new beginning. Another long tough week. Routine or maybe not. Depends on the person in question.

I have never been a ‘monday hater’. I take it in stride and deal.  It’s not Monday’s fault he was made Monday ,you know? It’s like being born a boy or a girl. Monday does the same, he takes it in stride and deals.

I think by now you’ve realized that this post is going nowhere. It’s absolutely random, I’m literally cooking mandazis with my mum as I write. The weekend has been rough, it came with The Common Cold and other works of biology so, my muse for blogging went on leave.

To the actual point.

My alterior motives for this post. You see that place down there after you’ve finished reading? That place after the comments (I think), where there is a box that says  subscribe?  Through email or follow? Won’t you be a darling today and press that button? ☺☺☺

Subscribe and get my posts via email.

Well that’s all for today. Take it easy on Monday ,won’t you? It’s not his fault☺



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