You Snooze You Lose.

She’s been sitting in the corner of the room since she came in with her friend. She is still clutching the same glass of wine, unsipped. Those heels look like they hurt like a mother. She looks ravishing still. Her dress is decent. Her hair is pulled up, showing her face. She is quite something. Just as I saw her the first time when I bumped into her at the local supermarket. I doubt she remembers me though. Her friend is over at the mini bar chatting up another fella.

“Dude, just go over there and say hi,” Kevo nudges me.

 “Yeah ,you’re going to give people the wrong idea staring at her like a serial killer,” Andy laughs at me.
My friends are right. I should just go over and say hello. She looks like she could use some company. I start making my way through the crowd to her. My heart is beating like a jack rabbit. “Get a grip Sy!” I counsel myself. “She’s just a girl. You’ve done this plenty of times, you can-”

Someone beats me to her before I even get there. I can’t move. I’m transfixed. He just said something that made her laugh. I wanted to make her laugh like that, to hear that beautiful sound. Kevo and Andy come to my rescue before I make a fool of myself. They lead me away to our booth. “Iza baba!”

“You snooze you lose buddy,” Kevo says.

“Lakini what’s with you today, Sy? Kwani you’ve lost your juice? You completely froze hahaha! This chic has done a number on you,” Andy says.

“She’s just different,” is all I can manage to say. I glance over at her again. He is telling her something that’s got her smiling. She is absolutely beeming. It’s blinding me. I suddenly feel like leaving. I take my last swig of whiskey and stand up. Kevo and Andy look up at me bewildered.

“Guys me I’m leaving. I have to get up early tomorrow.” Of course they don’t believe me. I leave anyway. My mind is foggy and I realize I am tipsy. Can I drive? I reach the parking lot and try to remember where I parked. 

As I fumble for my car keys in my pocket, my phone rings. Kevo. Probably calling me back inside because I’m missing all the fun. I hit cancel. I’m so out of it, I hear her only when she is behind me.

“Let me guess, you forgot where you parked?”

Her voice alone sets my heart racing again. “Haha, yeah. And I don’t think I can drive either,” I try to act smooth and pray she can’t hear the nervous undertone in my voice.

“It happens, trust me. I’m also a bit tipsy to drive and my friend is not leaving anytime soon.” She pulls out her phone.

I get a text from Andy :  Simon, heads up! She’s coming your way. 

So that’s why Kevo was calling me.

I recover very fast. “I was just about to call an uber. Which way are you going? We could split it maybe?” (Please say Hurlingum, please say yes, aki Jesus let her say yes.)

“Hurlingum. Sure, if you’re going that way?” 

“I am.”

Thank you Jesus!

“I’m Sy by the way, Simon.”

“I’m Idi. Mwanaidi. We’ve met before you know. At the local supermarket?”

“Haha, I honestly didn’t think you’d remember.” 

We walk towards the exits chatting. I would like to ask her about the gentleman she was talking to but I won’t. I’m just so stunned she remembers me. I guess I didn’t lose from snoozing after all.


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