The Chase.

Life is a roller coaster ride. Up, down, sideways, upside down. The screams of joy. The dizziness. The nausea. All the excitement that comes with it and you still want to do it again or not.

We are constantly chasing. Chasing dreams. Chasing paper. Chasing people. Chasing happiness. Chasing fulfillment. That is all part of life. The ride. The journey. 

It is hard and long and fun and memorable. You will feel like the chase has become unbearable or ellusive. You will feel as if you are not quite getting there. The huddles you have to jump are too high. You do not want another ride on that roller coaster. You will bend and break and crash and burn and you will feel like maybe the chase is not worth all that.

But after you have finished sulking, after you fix yourself up, dust yourself, after you have taken heed the advice and the constructive criticisms, get back to the chase with a new spirit. A new resolve. There is no room for quiting in this chase. We were not born to be quitters.

As long as you are still alive and blessed with strength and the sun rises in the morning, you can get back to the chase. You can try again.✌ 

Nice day. God bless.

Side note: as from next week, a posting schedule I have been formulating will come up. More details on the next post ☺


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