The Crowd.

I remember when I was younger, during Easter ,when we would watch The Passion of Christ movies at home or in Sunday school. I had so many questions to ask my folks. Like :

  • Were there no black people during Jesus’s time? My dad told me that Jesus was a Jew in Israel. No Africans in Israel at that time. Okay. Understandable.
  •  Jesus was the son of God, he was super powerful right? Why didn’t he just kill everyone who opposed him? My mum told me that that wasn’t how it was supposed to work. Jesus was humble. He was to make people believe in him without forcing them. I didn’t get this at all. I would have killed them 😒 I was only six after all.
  • Then dad, why didn’t people defend Jesus when he was being accused of blasphemy yet they saw and believed in his miracles? My dad said it was part of the prophecy. I didn’t get it.

I have since come to understand things. But it is still puzzling. When Jesus was before Pilate and the people were asked what should be done to him, the crowd shouted for him to be crucified. The same people who called him teacher and followed him around to hear his teachings and see his miracles.

Perhaps a few of their cries to defend him were swallowed by those saying he should be crucified. Perhaps. But it doesn’t change the fact that they turned on him. His friends, his disciples. Judas, Peter, the crowd. They turned on him when he needed them the most.( of course it had to happen to fulfill the prophecy but if Jesus were an ordinary human being, he would have needed his friends.)

This was what the priest taught during sermon for Palm Sunday yesterday. He meant us to apply it to our real lives in preparation for Easter. That crowd, those friends, the people we think are really down for us, would they still stick around for us when things get rough? When shit gets real and hits the fan, will they run and hide or cover their noses and still stick by us?

Apparently, only John stuck by Jesus till the end (if he ran and hid, it is not recorded in the good book). He was always Jesus’s favourite. Jesus must have known that John was down for him one hundred percent. Do you have that one or a couple people like John? Those are the ones you should be aware of in your life. Pin point them and stick with them. Not everyone in the crowd will be down for you when the time comes. If you do find yourself in the crowd, do dare to stand out and be different. You never know who might follow.

Have a great week ahead☺


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