Craving clarity in my life. But when is life ever so completely clear?

Campaigning silently for positive body image.

Crushing on Olivia Pope from scandal aka Kerry Washington, aka Judy Smith. One word, Badass!

Complaining about the cost of living! Eish. Milk. Ugali. Sugar. What???

Dreaming about traveling, sigh.

Dreading 8/8/2017.

Drinking chai ☺ (this luhya isn’t playing.)

Eating brunch from Monday to Saturday. This means I eat two meals a day. Hmmm.

Feeling cold. It’s been raining here since Friday evening . (I love it ☺)

Figuring myself out. I have been working on learning my personality and self-improvement for a while now. Progress level, 7/10. (yaay!)

Finishing up on that mat I was making for my mum. It has taken a long time because my mum was micromanaging me. She’s a perfectionist. I’m a perfectionist. We both wanted different things.

Listening to Classic 105. My old soul is on the loose ☺

Learning new words from different places. Did you know a squish is when you want someone you met to be your friend? Like a platonic crush. Am I making sense?

Loving how my locks are growing so far. 6 inches long😌

Playing a looot of Luther Vandross (his voice and his words,dang❤) and Lemonade ♛

Planning to wash this dog ,Victor. I suspect biting and screaming will be involved. I’m a little scared.
Reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, recommended by a squish of mine. It’s a short book and it’s fast paced and I’m so hooked right now. I may be late to the party (29 years late) but that’s the best way to arrive ✌. I’ll be done by this week’s end then I’ll let you know. No spoilers please if you’ve read it already, thanks.

Writing two stories at once (yikes!). One involves a wolf. The other involves a lot of ice. I’ve never seen snow yet I’m writing a story with snow in it? Never encountered a wolf either. I got crazy guts man!

Working on my confidence as a writer. All these pieces I’m writing need to go out into the world. And those unfinished ones need to be worked on.

Needing some serious mentoring. Someone know how to help?

Considering submitting a story to this year’s Short Story Day Africa. The theme this year is ID, identity. Deadline is July 31st. Opening submission is June 1st. Then again, my confidence is lacking, sigh. I need to get a grip.

Spreading kindness and peace this election season. Lest we forget 2007/2008.

Smelling herbs. I’m kinda sick and my mum is sort of a herbalist…. it’s a long story.

Smiling more over the little things in life.

Watching Shadowhunters season 2.

Wishing for a fictional boyfriend like Jace Wayland 😒

Feeling grateful 🙏

Happy labour day guys. Happy new month. I hope May is kinder ✌


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