9 of my favorite songs right now.

My taste in music is very out there but it is undeniably awesome (I am not even bragging you guys, honest😅). 

These songs are what I am playing on repeat on my phone at the moment. Like, if a little birdy revealed to me that the world was ending in a few hours, I’d like to go out jamming to these 9 bad boys.

Why 9? It’s my lucky number, xx.

1. Thinking of you – Mabel.

Currently my ringtone and favorite song✌

Why: She’s my age, a newcomer on the UK RnB scene, with a great sense of fashion and with bomb vocals I swear! I heard her on the radio earlier this year and thought it was Miss Karun from Camp Mulla (remember them?) She is just my favorite right now!

2. Drink up – Train.

Why: Train are still relevant after all these years! Still making great music. Their new album is called A girl, a bottle and a boat. This song is just a perfect song to help you live in the moment.

3. Unforgetable – French Montana ft. Swae Lee.

Why: Jungle Rules😍 You cannot not love this song to be honest. 

4. Feel it still – Portugal.The man.

Why: This song is the funkiest jam I’ve heard this year. I had never heard of these guys before(they’re an alternative rock band) but this song made me a fan from the moment I heard it. Makes me want to be a rebel honestly,lol.

 5. Angels – Chance The Rapper ft. Saba.

Why: Chance The Rapper just gives the happiest vibes through his music and this song is my favorite from his album Coloring Book. The same way he feels about hus city in this song is also how I feel about Nairobi❤

 6. Thunder – Imagine Dragons.

Why: Their comeback album Evolve is just super uplifting. This is my favorite song so far.

 7. Wild thoughts – DJ Khaled, Rihanna ft. Bryson Tiller.

Why: I think this is the sexiest song I have heard so far this year. DJ Khaled always comes through. I want to ‘relearn’ how to dance so I can dance to this jam! Also, Bryson Tiller❤😍❤

 8. There’s nothing holding me back – Shawn Mendez.

Why:  Great vibez about having no fear. This jam is just everything I stand for, xx. His second album Illuminate is the bomb BTW, every song! Very grown. 

  9. Perfect places – Lorde.

Why: I have been a Lorde fan since day one and her new album Melodrama is bomb! This song, released last week, is awesome✌

These are my favorites at the moment, maybe next month I’ll find some other songs to obsess over 😂

What are you jamming to currently? Let me know in the comments😃 I’d like to add more great songs to my playlist.

Have a great weekend guys, x.



I read this tweet (a screenshot of it actually) from Childish Gambino the other day that summed up pretty much how I was feeling.

 It was a tweet about our generation and  how we basically are cold hearted. Girls are scared to love and boys don’t show their feelings. So we end up putting up these giant walls to protect ourselves from falling in love, showing our true feelings and being honest with ourselves.

Truth be told, I go there too often myself. Sometimes I just say, “You know what? Fuck feelings! I’m no longer giving fucks.” Because people and life in general can get you to that point.

But then we can get so accustomed to not caring and not giving a damn about things and not feeling things we are supposed to feel. We push our feelings deep down inside us. We actually miss out on feeling the right way at a particular moment because we have become so used to not feeling things. We want to feel the good and not feel the bad yet it’s part of being human.

I have done that a few times in the name of “hiding my feelings from people.” I did not want to show my feelings in front of people I felt were not supposed to see my vulnerability. So I ‘postponed’ that feeling for some other time. Worst.idea.ever. 

When I confronted the feeling later in private, something terrible happened. Many other feelings I had supressed previously, on diffetent occassions and I had completely forgotten about, resurfaced, all at once. They literally came back to bite me in the ass. It.was.ugly. 

I had a mental breakdown for like half an hour. Imagine a mixture of emotions from everywhere attacking you and you do not know how to feel? I just cried for 30 minutes from all the confusion. Thank God I was alone and I managed to get my shit together.

I am officially working on owning my feelings now because that breakdown was crazy to the core. I thought I was going insane!

I think we become honest with ourselves when we actually own our feelings and allow ourselves to feel in the moment. This is so important for mental health and happiness. 

Life is too short to not feel!

Catch feelings sometimes, give fucks, own your feelings but do not ignore them. 

Feel those feels y’all.