Give me an audience

I beg you

I want your audience

I need you

To hear me

Like I need the sun in the morning

To give me light

To shine a light in my dark life

To illuminate my dark insides

My dark thoughts that arose

After your unexplained departure.

I need you

To let me know

Was it my flaws that let you 

Let me go?

That you couldn’t go to war anymore?

To fight for you and me and our



You turned me down

Time after time after time

Slammed the door on my face

Made me feel damned,

Wretched, a disgrace

Unworthy to claim a place

In your heart.

So I Left

Locked myself in a room

As dark as my thoughts

And I looked for a way out

A way up

I slit my wrists and I bled  -Words

These words you denied me then

And I grew lighter

And lighter

Rose higher 

And higher

Felt a great euphoria

I bled till I ran out of thoughts

These dark thoughts of you

That arose

After your departure.

By  TheQueerPoet ✌
According to me, this poem is about seeking closure after a major unexpected change has occurred in a person’s life. I am a big believer in the role closure plays in moving  on but sometimes, we can’t be given closure. We have to get it on our own and move on.

What do you guys think this ‘poem’ (I hope it can be classified that way) is about? Let me know in the comments ☺

Awesome weekend peeps☺


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