We Are Moving!

Hey guys!😊

I know it has been a while. I haven’t come back with excuses though, honest. You see, I have been conflicted for a while about a big decision I had to make and finally, I’ve decided to go with it.

I’m moving out.

Yes, I am moving out of my comfort zone here at WordPress and heading out into the world, into my new website!😍

It was a hard decision to make. WordPress is such a cool mom and all the other moms are so jealous because her house is always clean and her kids always get good grades but at some point, all children have to leave the nest and get their own place, right?

I felt that I needed to branch out and getting my own website felt like the only way I could do that.

So far, my new place is empty and devoid of words. I have to buy some new furniture and spazz up my new house, then I have to throw a ‘house warming’ party, lolπŸ˜‚. It’s scary and exciting at the same time, but it’s high time I did it.

I have managed to get so many follows and subscribes to my blog over the last two and a half years I’ve blogged here so, you can see why I got so comfortable.

It has been a sweet ride but it’s time to get off. Change is good for the soul afterall.

But do not worry mom, I’ll be coming to visit once in a while. You won’t even realize I was gone.

Thank you guys for loving my little space on the internet for so long. And everyone who supported me in any way to make my blog a reality, I thank you all. God bless you so much😘I love you all, xx.

I’ll be posting on my new blog from July so, you can expect a new blog post next week. I would absolutely love and appreciate your love and support (likes, comments, shares, follows, subscribes) as we move in next week.

I’ll send you links.

Or you could follow me on my socials to see if any post has come up:

Email – selinateyie@gmail.com

Facebook- here

Instagram- here

Twitter- here


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