Better wear your running shoes.  

I have had an eventful past two, three weeks. It has been crazy is all I can say. I think I’m ready to go back to school now because Eldoret has shown me quite enough. I’m not complaining though , I’ve just had my quota of drama for the first quarter of 2017. I think my thighs are toned now 😂😂

Confession: I haven’t ran in the morning for like a month( I feel terrible 😩 ). My sleep demons have been winning but I’ll be back to wage a bigger war soon. By soon I mean June. May isn’t looking lucky either coz it’s started raining for real here and it’s muddy(excuses tu) and I know I’ll compensate for it later when I go run errands for my mum in town and it turns literal.It’s election season and you know how Kenyans turn crazy during this season. (Our problem is, we forget too quickly). 

I’ll be walking around town, doing some shopping in the market when I’ll hear screaming and and people running for cover and so I won’t wait but run for my life too even though I don’t know why we’re running. I will have guessed it though. Teargas. This has happened to me three times. 

Have you ever been teargassed?? Haha! It’s like a slow death by suffocation. You were just walking in town, minding your own business when you see people running and you don’t know where the danger is and you suddenly start chocking. Then the tears. Then the running nose. Then the sneezing and you don’t have water in sight. It’s ugly. So imagine if a grown man can’t handle it, what about children? Babies on their mothers’ backs? Aki I saw a kid being led away by his mum crying looking for water. It was so sad. Let’s be woke guys and help each other out.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve encountered gunshots and a fire. I’m from the hood, gunshots don’t scare me much (lol) and I know what to do It’s like drilled into my head. A fire though? I’ve seen infernos on TV, read about them, I’ve seen smoke from a far but never actually witnessed one up close and helped put it out. I learned one thing though, I’m actually a quick thinker (and here my mum was worried that I was a sloth IRL 😒).

It’s been a constant race against time. Running. Learning to be woke! It’s a tricky season in Kenya currently and we better be cautious. Let’s try to think before we act or speak. Be careful who you confront and where you tread. Maybe carry a bottle of water sometimes ey? You never know when it might come in handy. 

You see when we are running from teargas and we run into someone’s shop, for example, for safety? Remember that person helped you without thinking ati sasa which tribe are you from. They were just being human. So come 8/8/17 , be human too and don’t throw a rock at that shop’s window because the owner is not your tribe. Am I making sense?

My dad was around this labour day and he’s a fussy dad. Since we were kids, he’s been telling us to wear closed shoes when we go out. I wanted to wear sandals on this particular day. We had a small confrontation. He told me,”okay, fanya kile unataka.” In other words, he played the guilt card. I’m a sucker for the guilt card. He said I should wear my running shoes to save time because they were right at the door. Let’s just say I wouldn’t have been able to run for my life with sandals on.

How’s your side of the country looking?Is it peaceful or people are running too? Let me know in the comments ☺



So I traveled during the weekend to Eldoret to see my mum. She is Eldoret folk officially. Has been since 2015 when she moved here for real to focus on her. Her career, her peace of mind #mumgoals ❤ This place is like second home. Yaani ni shagz. My parents will probably retire here. We’ll be bringing our grandkids to see shosh here, my siblings and I.

I hated this place at first. When it’s cold, you’ll catch frostbite I swear. When it’s hot, it’s accompanied by dust. A blizzard. It just wasn’t Nairobi if you know what I mean. But then that’s why I came to love it. It’s so different. It has this perfect blend of urban and rural that just works for me. Long story short? I love it here.

So far, I have gotten a nice welcome.


I arrive in Eldoret town. I call my mum to come pick me up.

“How many bags do you have?”

“Two. A duffel bag and a bag pack.”

“Kwani you’re moving here and you didn’t tell me?” (My greatest weakness in life, after sugar and cats, is packing. I ALWAYS over pack for any occasion.)

“Mum hurry! It looks like it’s gonna rain. Staki nywele yangu inyeshewe.

“Relax. It hasn’t rained here since end of January. I’ll be there in 5minutes.”  She got there after 45minutes. Glad it didn’t rain.

We pop by her friend’s work to say hi(aka to show me off). African parents are professional ‘childrenshow offers‘. She introduces me to the friend. The friend is so shocked that my mum could have a grown up kid like me, she looks so young. 

“Soon cows will be coming to your home ey?”

“Haha you know it!”

“My brother-in-law is her age. You know my husband’s family has many cows.”

“Is he the one studying medicine? That one could work. What do you think Tess?” What do I think about a mock arranged marriage? Lord let it rain right now. Please open the heavens now!


Slept in till 10am. Jet lag probably,lol. Had the whole house to myself. Little sister went to school. Mum went to work. Due to certain circumstances, I was not feeling ‘peoplely’. I locked myself in and watched movies with earphones on.

*knock knock

“Hey Selina are you home?”

*holds breathe and waits in silence for person to go away. I’m afraid if I even inhale, they’ll hear me and know I’m ignoring them and that is just rude. Better to let them think I’m asleep. Don’t judge me. I cannot be the only person who does this. Sometimes you just do not want to see people.


My mum sings in the church choir so she left early for practice. My sister and I had to follow her afterwards. Obviously we were late. I am a chronic late comer, always have been but this time it was not me. My sister was having a Diva Moment. She wouldn’t go to church if she didn’t find a suitable hairstyle. She found one. We were late anyway.

After church we go to congratulate my mum(she has the highest soprano in that choir.) Now,  I’m usually not shy, just awkward, but the looks I was getting from people got me feeling suspicious. Did I have a wardrobe malfunction and these overly conservative church women  are afraid to tell me? (You’d be surprised how often this happens to me.)

Mum breaks away from the choir to say hi. She’s beeming.

“These women are unbelievable!”

“What did they do?”

“They can’t believe that I have an older daughter who is so beautiful!” I laugh dismissively but blush inwardly. Pssh these women are probably too drunk on the Holy Spirit, that’s what is happening.

“They even recommended some of their handsome sons Tess.”

So my gut was right! I was right to be suspicious. Where is the rain when you need it?


This place is where I fell in love with running in the mornings(nothing to do with Kalenjins, everything to do with nature.) So  I was planning to go running you know? Start the week right!

*alarm goes off at 6:30am

Me : What? Is that cold? I can’t feel my toes, can’t feel my bum either. Let me sleep till 7am. I’ll go running then.

I guess my demons followed me to Eldoret.