Hello lovelies!?

I think one of the many characteristics of a blogger is to procrastinate blog posts. A blogger just wouldn’t live up to the title of ‘blogger’ without getting lost for a month or so and not delivering content, then coming back to apologize.

But worry not, I’m back.
Oh, yeah, this isn’t our new home!
There are a few challenges I have encountered concerning the website that I hope to curb soon. Nevertheless, we shall continue here.

So let’s kick it off with a taking stock post to let you know how its been going, sawa?

Feeling really motivated and inspired this week. I better be productive before it wears off.

Listening to Ariana Grande’s new album ,Sweetener, a lot. My favourites so far are No tears left to cry and God is a woman. Also her song Dance to this with u Sivan, looove it.

Wanting to be very professional with my blog. I’m talking photo shoots with photographers professional. It’s going to be scary fun.

Reading Puddn’head Wilson by Mark Twain. It’s about a small town in the southern states of America where a slave girl called Roxy exchanges her light skin baby with her white master’s baby. I’m hooked. It gives you a feeling of what slaves used to go through in the hands of their masters.

Loving my hair. We have really improved.

Eating very well actually, thank you very much. Being in college does not mean eating crappy food because money is scarce. Life is short dammit!

Drinking too much tea again.

Watching Once Upon a Time with bae. We’ve almost finished all seven seasons.

Playing I bet by Charlotte Lawrence currently, from her debut EP Young. I love her voice.

Thinking of what I’ll have for lunch.

Craving ndumas. Ndumas are arrowroots right? I’ve been wanting to eat them for a while.

Obsessed with Pinterest. Someone please delete it from my phone and save me? Should I give you guys my handle y’all follow me there?


Getting ready for my exams in two weeks. It has been a great semester, though fast paced. We’re almost finished with Uni. Yay, but yikes.

Wearing blue mom jeans (my starter pack) and a coral vest. Later when I head out I’ll wear my white ngomas.

Excited about the wonders Coconut oil is doing for my hair. Also, I’ve started using Arimi’s on my face. I hear it does wonders as well.

Learning how strong a thing faith is. I’ve had a few challenges this semester and they showed me how powerful faith is.

Faithing it till I make it.

Dreading looking at my WordPress and finding seventeen drafts of pending posts waiting for me. I shall procrastinate, therefore till the time I see fit.

Missing a friend of mine I haven’t talked to in a while. Brother.

Hating my phone so much. Its calling people on its own and texting gibberish. Aki I need a new one.

Owning my mistakes and not running from problems or pointing fingers.

Being still and knowing that God is God.

Needing a lot of money to get a lot of things. But who doesn’t?

Marveling at how far I’ve come and all the lessons I’ve learnt. I turned 22 last week and boy do I feel old.

I’ve got more content coming up this week so watch out! Leave me a comment after this and let me know what you think about the blog so far. Or we can connect on the socials. Don’t be a stranger.

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Have a great day guys✌


Taking Stock 1.

I finally found a good time to sit down, relax and write. I’ve been sooo lazy. Please forgive me. Its difficult navigating between classes all week, laziness, time with friends, procrastination, and actually coming up with content.

I am here now though.

January has been great, though I started it out solving unfinished hduabusiness from last year. So let’s take stock, shall we?

Appreciating the small circle friendships I have. They really hold me down.

Feeling so so happy. Wow. I have reached levels of happiness I’ve never been at before. S/O to everyone responsible. You are the real MVPs.

Fighting to keep the people who matter to me in my life but being smart enough to know when to stop fighting.

Hating this little patch of untanned skin on my nose from wearing my glasses so long in the sun.

Loving my dreadlocks. I’ve been curling them when I go to bed so I’d get curls in the morning. So far so good.

Reading this anthology of Sherlock Holmes’ adventures by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’m reading it very slowly because Holmes is so sneaky and if you don’t pay attention you won’t see him coming.

Looking forward to taking this roadtrip at the end of February with my friends. I hope it pulls through.

Wearing mom jeans all the damn time! I have three pairs and they are my staples. Basically, it’s my starter pack. Mom jeans, red lipstick and hoops.

Eating brown bread every morning, every week. I just prefer it to white bread these days. Do I see the benefits of it you ask? Ask me again in a month.

Drinking teacoffee a lot. That’s tea mixed with coffee. Is it unhealthy? Probably. Could it be killing me slowly? Let’s not jump to conclusions. Is it yummy? Well, my taste buds are crazy so I can’t say for sure.

Making some big bold changes. I decided to branch out and look for a personal website for my blog. It is almost done.

Dreading getting that website. I don’t know, I feel like I’m not quite ready for it. What is wrong with me?

Listening to a lot British artists lately. There’s this guy in particular, Sampha. His song (No one knows me) Like the piano is my favourite. His voice just gives me great vibes.

Celebrating getting closure. Aki closure and clarity are so important to my peace of mind. If I get a daughter I’m naming her Clarity. Sorry kiddo.

Learning to let Jesus take the wheel and to let time run its course. Also, I’m learning to talk as much as I listen.

Digging the podcast ,The Spread by Kaz Lucas and Nini Wacera. I recently discovered it. Its a sex podcast thats very informative and bold and sensual wah! Y’all should check it out.

Suffering from procrastination, lateness syndrome, ignorance (sometimes), and antisocial tendancies. I thought I left them in 2017.

Crushing on a certain woman called Sage aka Barbara Chemutai. I want to meet her so I can be speechless and just stare at her in awe.

Writing (in my head) the importance of being open minded and being informed and being tolerant in these contemprary times in order to accommodate each other as human beings on this beautiful earth of ours (this would be such a kick ass essay, damn).

Needing a mentor. Can you feel the desparate undertone in my words?

Dreaming of the future.

Treating myself every end month courtesy of a chama I’m in with my girl Stacia. Goodtimes.

Living by the mantra Just go with it. This is my main goal this year, to just go with the flow.

As you can see, my January hasn’t been thaaat exciting. But the year is just starting. Let’s see where it goes.

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Have a great February guys✌

Taking Stock 3.

It’s been two months since my last post. My biggest excuse is that I’ve been busy with school. My actual excuse is that I was stuck in a rut. I still kinda am.

But so many people have been asking me if I have any new content and that’s challenged me so much. Its time to get back on the wagon and I thought I’d start with taking stock :

Amazed at how many people actually read my blog(like every post) and appreciate the content I put out. You guys are the realest❤

Appreciating everyone who shares my sense of humor, music and art, and everyone who challenges me to produce awesome content and love to read my posts🙏

Being still and kmowing that He is God.

Craving clarity and closure, as always, because I find it hard to progress without these.

Crushing on everyone with healthy dreadlocks.

Considering dyeing my dreadlocks. Still haven’t decided on a colour though, any suggestions?

Dreaming about a vacay.

Denying the title Slay Queen and blocking anyone who calls me that. I’m not playing. This is a story for another day though.

Drinking fanta passion a lot😍

Eating healthy, I think.

Excited about the holidays☺

Feeling absolutely grateful for how far we’ve come this year.

Focusing on me more❤

Jamming to this song Suited by Shekinah from South Africa. I swear this song gives me soulful vibes🙌

Keeping a cool head even when I am so upset I could stab someone with a pencil.

Listening to this podcast called Call Your Girlfriend by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. These girls are bomb!

Learning to walk away from things that give me grief even though I love them.

Loving the woman I have become in 2017❤

Making a neon green mat for a cute little puppy called Sunny.

Missing 105.5 X fm so much 😭 Haishiki huku penye niko.

Needing too much attention I’m practically an infant.

Owning my feelings and my mistakes.

Obsessed with wallpapers I get from Pinterest😍 Contact me if intetested.

Procrastinating EVERYTHING I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Reading uuum does reading the ingredients to food supplies count as reading? No? Okay then, how about textbooks and notes?

Smiling from little things like remembering crazy situations I’ve been in this past months ☺

Slaying my goals and resolutions for this year and I am so damn proud.

Treating myself often because I deserve it. Pedis, manis, candy, you name it.

Writing too many love stories.

Waiting naah I’m done waiting! If it matters to me I’m going ahead to pursue it and so should you.

Wanting inner peace and general peace for the Country✌

I’m working on this week’s posts and I hope you like them. Suggestions on what you’d like me to write about are also welcome😃 Just leave me a comment here or connect with me on:

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Nice day peeps✌


Craving clarity in my life. But when is life ever so completely clear?

Campaigning silently for positive body image.

Crushing on Olivia Pope from scandal aka Kerry Washington, aka Judy Smith. One word, Badass!

Complaining about the cost of living! Eish. Milk. Ugali. Sugar. What???

Dreaming about traveling, sigh.

Dreading 8/8/2017.

Drinking chai ☺ (this luhya isn’t playing.)

Eating brunch from Monday to Saturday. This means I eat two meals a day. Hmmm.

Feeling cold. It’s been raining here since Friday evening . (I love it ☺)

Figuring myself out. I have been working on learning my personality and self-improvement for a while now. Progress level, 7/10. (yaay!)

Finishing up on that mat I was making for my mum. It has taken a long time because my mum was micromanaging me. She’s a perfectionist. I’m a perfectionist. We both wanted different things.

Listening to Classic 105. My old soul is on the loose ☺

Learning new words from different places. Did you know a squish is when you want someone you met to be your friend? Like a platonic crush. Am I making sense?

Loving how my locks are growing so far. 6 inches long😌

Playing a looot of Luther Vandross (his voice and his words,dang❤) and Lemonade ♛

Planning to wash this dog ,Victor. I suspect biting and screaming will be involved. I’m a little scared.
Reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, recommended by a squish of mine. It’s a short book and it’s fast paced and I’m so hooked right now. I may be late to the party (29 years late) but that’s the best way to arrive ✌. I’ll be done by this week’s end then I’ll let you know. No spoilers please if you’ve read it already, thanks.

Writing two stories at once (yikes!). One involves a wolf. The other involves a lot of ice. I’ve never seen snow yet I’m writing a story with snow in it? Never encountered a wolf either. I got crazy guts man!

Working on my confidence as a writer. All these pieces I’m writing need to go out into the world. And those unfinished ones need to be worked on.

Needing some serious mentoring. Someone know how to help?

Considering submitting a story to this year’s Short Story Day Africa. The theme this year is ID, identity. Deadline is July 31st. Opening submission is June 1st. Then again, my confidence is lacking, sigh. I need to get a grip.

Spreading kindness and peace this election season. Lest we forget 2007/2008.

Smelling herbs. I’m kinda sick and my mum is sort of a herbalist…. it’s a long story.

Smiling more over the little things in life.

Watching Shadowhunters season 2.

Wishing for a fictional boyfriend like Jace Wayland 😒

Feeling grateful 🙏

Happy labour day guys. Happy new month. I hope May is kinder ✌


This is my very first taking stock post ☺. Sometimes it’s just good to stop and take a look at what you’ve done , what you are doing and what you are yet to do. Reflect ✌
Feeling proud of myself for being consistent lately with my posts. It’s been a struggle since I began blogging and I think I’m starting to get there.

Loving myself. It’s high time I became selfish and thought of me first.

Trying out new things. I worshipped on Saturday instead of Sunday this weekend. Great. Experience! Then I still went to church on Sunday… Let’s jusr say I’m exhausted.

Eating mboga za kienyeji on the daily. I swear my mother is on a mission of some sort.

Drinking little water. I need help here.

Waiting for this lecturer’s and doctor’s strike to end like yesterday woi!

Watching Gotham like a maniac thanks to someone laughing at me constantly for not having watched it yet. Sijataja mtu mimi.

Reading The Stand by Stephen King. This book, the complete and uncut version, is 1135 pages long. My terrible reading habit, of reading multiple books at once, will probably see me finish it in June. I like the challenge though.

Writing a fictional short story based on a character who is surprisingly like me. Is that narcissistic? I have typed 108 words so far.

Playing Real Slow by Aloe Blacc on repeat currently.

Thinking of downloading his entire 2016 album.

Downloading his entire 2016 album.

Making mats. Since acquiring this skill courtesy of Muthoni Maina, I can’t seem to stop. (BTW, if you would like to purchase a classy hand woven mat/rug at a nice cost, email me to connect you to Muthoni ☺)

Getting up early today and the whole week to go run and finally slay my sleep demons.

Learning patience and many more things through tutoring my little sister. She is in class 8 and making me feel old.

Hoping for rain all week in Eldoret, during the nights only.

Wishing I could communicate with animals like Doctor Doolittle.

Thanking God for His abundant grace and love❤ Ametutoa mbali Sana.

Praying for the future.

Obsessing over the blog nilichoandika.co.ke by Dora Okeyo, low key❤

Stalking a new acquaintance till I know what they’re all about and work up the nerve to act upon it.

Marveling at how small the world is and in complete awe at the number of people who actually read my blog! You guys are amazing. You’re support and love is deeply appreciated.

Looking to attract my tribe through my vibe.

Have a nice Monday guys.

Stay blessed.

Go conquer this month✌